The Best Place

The Best Place

Make area around you the best place in the World!

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Application Description

The Best Place is an iOS application which uses Foursquare for getting info about places around you.  Here you can add new places where you are and write your thoughts about them. You can share your thoughts with friends. You can also write descriptions about places and take a photo, also you can find the place on Map and see how to get there. You can log in, register yourself, find and add friends to your circle by sending invite,  etc.

Please watch video about app.

Short User Guide

After first launch app, you will see screen 'Home'.
You need sign in. Please press on button left upper side.
Select 'Sign In' menu.
The best way is to use your Facebook account for Log In.
Press the 'Log In Facebook' button. Then you need enter your e-mail and password on the
Facebook Log In form. The application does not get your credentials.
It is safe. Don't worry.
Or you can Sign Up. Please fill the form. Press the 'Register' button.
Then you can use Email for Log In to application.
Please select 'Home Page' in the main menu.
On screen, you can see yours and your friends activities.
You can enter your thoughts. Press the 'Add Thoughts' button.
You will see info about all places around yourself. Select place.
You can see all feedbacks about that place. You can see more details what was left yours and your friends before. Or you can add new thoughts about that place. Press the 'Add Thoughts' button. Fill the form. Press 'Save Thoughts' button.
In 'places' screen, you can add info about a new place where you are now. Please fill the form.
Please pay attention to the required fields. Press the 'Save Place' button.
On the main menu, you can select 'Friends' menu item. Here you can send an invite to your friends for joining to our social network.
On the main menu 'My Thoughts', you can see just your records.
On Settings menu item, you can do 'Log Out' and 'Change Password'.